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Our company has been in the industry for transformers and power supply devices since the 1990s. We can provide the electromagnetic power supply, power transformer, and a large variety of other specialized products for industries including lighting and renewable energy. EAGLERISE - power for the world ... Read more

    1. Dimmable LED DriverIt makes use of a dimming circuit to adjust its output power in a smooth way without flicker, and the output power could be adjusted at different levels.
    1. Constant Current/Constant Voltage LED Switch Mode Power SupplyOur product passes 4kV lightning surge test, and it could offer normal performance when the ambient temperature varies from -40°C to +70°C. Moreover, this LED SMPS is in accordance with the safety regulations of CQC, CE and CB.
    1. Toroidal InductorThis product is mounted with the help of bolt, metal washer and rubber pad, while it can be installed in a different way as well, that is by filling potting compound into the mounting hole. In addition, bespoke products are also provided on request.
    1. EPS Series DIN Rail Switching Power SupplyCooling method: Free air convection with PFC function
      Protections: Overload, overvoltage, over temperature and short circuit
      Warranty period: 3 years
    1. 3 Phase Dry Type Transformer for Solar Commercial InverterAs a result of the advanced electromagnetic components and patented structure, this device is characterized by reliable performance, high efficiency and excellent practicability.
      This 3 phase dry type transformer has different insulation classes ...
    1. 3 Phase Inductor for Solar InverterThe 3 phase inductor for solar inverter is adopted for smoothing and filtering purposes. This device is featured by low no-load loss and high working efficiency.
    1. Single-phase Pole-mounted Distribution TransformerAccording to protection functions, the single-phase pole-mounted distribution transformer could be classified into two categories which are conventional type and completely self-protected (CSP) type.
    1. Single-phase Pad-mounted Distribution TransformerOur product adopts fully sealed and insulated frame to deliver desired performance in a safe and reliable way, and it has compact structure as well as beautiful appearance. It doesn't ask for a power distribution room, and it can be set indoors or outdoors directly, such as beside the street or inside the green belt.

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