Magnetic Component (High Frequency)

    1. Switch Mode Power TransformerThis voltage converter supports positive/negative feedback, half-bridge/full-bridge circuit, and push-pull output;
      It is made of high quality amorphous and ferrite magnetic materials;
    1. Inductor for High Power PFC/INV/RECThis electromagnetic coil features high DC Saturation;
      Low loss and high efficiency;
      This electronic component has specialized core material that ensures low noise;
    1. Common Mode ChokeOur common mode choke features professional and integrated design of differential/common mode
      This suppression choke is endowed with high efficiency, high impedance and wide frequency range;
    1. Modular Inductor AssemblyHigh DC saturation;
      Our integrated inductor module boasts high efficiency, low loss and low temperature rise;
      This electronic assembly is specially used in UPS and solar inverter;