Inline Hand Dimmer

The inline hand dimmer is mainly designed for various kinds of household desk lamps including incandescent lamp and halide lamp that generate light on the basis of tungsten filament. It takes advantage of SCR to achieve stepless leading edge dimming process, and the brightness adjustment range is very wide. Our product fits for lamps with rated power of 25W-200W, and the brightness of lamp is adjusted by manually turning the knob.

This inline hand dimmer is certificated by Semko and CE. It offers stable performance, and it is also resistant to surge current.

LVD (safety) Standards

EMC Standards

Technical Parameters
Model SED200LRS
Input voltage 220-240VAC, 50Hz
Load power 25-200W
Applicable load Tungsten filament lamp
Installation method Inline
Dimming mode Stepless
Control method SCR leading edge dimming

Related Names
Dimmer Module | Low Voltage Dimmer Switch | Hard-wired Lighting Dimmer

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