Floor Dimmer

The floor dimmer makes use of a SCR for the purpose of stepless leading edge dimming, and the adjustment range is very wide. Our product is able to deliver stable performance, and it shows excellent resistance to surge current. On the other hand, the slide plate is controlled by foot to regulate the brightness of a lamp whose power is within 60W-300W.

This device could be further divided into European standard type and American standard type, and they have passed Semko, CE and ETL certifications. Our floor dimmer allows inline installation, and it is applicable for floor lights covering incandescent lamp, halide lamp and other tungsten filament lamps.

Technical Parameters
Model Input voltage Rated
Control method Applicable lamp
SED300FHS 220-240VAC, 50Hz 60-300W 100×50×28.5 Independent Dimming by
foot push
SCR leading edge dimming Tungsten filament lamp
SED300FHL 120VAC, 50Hz 40-300W 100×50×28.5

Related Names
Floor Lamp Dimmer Switch | Lighting Control Dimming Module | Slide Light Dimmer

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