Tube Dimmer

The tube dimmer is a tubular shaped device, and its small size makes it could be mounted inside the lamp. The SCR is responsible for the stepless leading edge dimming process within a wide brightness adjustment range (15W-100W), and the manually turned knob is especially designed for this process.

Our product allows convenient installation, and it possesses good resistance to surge current. It fits for incandescent lamp, halide lamp and other kinds of luminaries that rely on tungsten filament to generate light, such as desk lamp, floor lamp, etc. Additionally, this tube dimmer is Semko and CE certificated.

Technical Parameters
Model Input voltage Rated load Dimensions
Control method Applicable load
SED100PRS 220-240VAC, 50Hz 50-100W 49.6×19×15.5mm Built-in Stepless dimming SCR leading edge dimming Tungsten filament lamp
SED100PRF 220-240VAC, 50Hz 50-100W 55×20×19mm

Related Names
Incandescent Lamp Dimmer | Light Dimming Switch | 3 Way Dimmer Switch

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