Touch Dimmer

The touch dimmer adopts SCR for the stepless leading edge dimming process. The touch button is outfitted to adjust the load power within 15W-200W, and the final output power could be set at any one of the four levels.

Our product has gained Semko and CE certificates, and it also shows the advantages of excellent stability and good resistance to surge current. The touch dimmer could be fixed inside the lamp, and it is applicable for incandescent lamp, halide lamp and other tungsten filament lamps, such as desk lamp, floor lamp, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model Input voltage Rated load Dimensions (L×W×H) Mounting type Dimming method Control method Applicable load
SED60IM4 220-240VAC, 50Hz 15-60W 42.7×38.6
Built-in Four-step touch dimming SCR leading edge dimming Tungsten filament lamp
SED200IM4 220-240VAC, 50Hz 25-200W 53×43
SED200IM4F 220-240VAC, 50Hz 25-200W 53×43

Related Names
Halogen Light Dimmer | Touch Lamp Control Module | Table Lamp Dimmer Switch

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