1. Wall-Mounted Trailing Edge DimmerIt uses a MOS tube to carry out stepless brightness adjustment of a light, and the brightness is allowed to vary within a wide range by turning the knob. In addition, this product features little interference and high dimming stability
    1. Inline Hand DimmerIt takes advantage of SCR to achieve stepless leading edge dimming process, and the brightness adjustment range is very wide. Our product fits for lamps with rated power of 25W-200W, and the brightness of lamp is adjusted by manually turning the knob.
    1. Floor DimmerOur product is able to deliver stable performance, and it shows excellent resistance to surge current. On the other hand, the slide plate is controlled by foot to regulate the brightness of a lamp whose power is within 60W-300W.
    1. Tube DimmerOur product allows convenient installation, and it possesses good resistance to surge current. It fits for incandescent lamp, halide lamp and other kinds of luminaries that rely on tungsten filament to generate light, such as desk lamp, floor lamp, etc.
    1. Touch DimmerOur product has gained Semko and CE certificates, and it also shows the advantages of excellent stability and good resistance to surge current. The touch dimmer could be fixed inside the lamp, and it is applicable for incandescent lamp, halide lamp and other tungsten filament lamps

Our dimmer mainly includes 5 categories which are wall-mounted trailing edge type, inline hand type, floor type, tube type and touch type. These products have a power range of 60W-300W, and they fit for a great number of applications.

On the other hand, the dimmers are Semko and CE certificated, and the production capability per month is over 2.3 million pieces.

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