Single-phase Pole-mounted Distribution Transformer

    1. Conventional Single-phase Pole-mounted Distribution Transformer The conventional distribution transformer makes use of highly efficient and energy saving wound core, and our product is mounted on the pole, thereby cutting down the installation size, construction cost and low-voltage power supply radius. As a result, the low voltage line loss is reduced by as much as 60% or more ...

According to protection functions, the single-phase pole-mounted distribution transformer could be classified into two categories which are conventional type and completely self-protected (CSP) type. These two types could use either CRGO core or amorphous metal core, and the windings are made of copper or aluminum.

We have many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying these products, and our product conforms to ANSI and IEC standards, while our company has gained ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificates. Meanwhile, the type test reports are issued by a third-party laboratory, and our monthly production capacity of 2000 sets ensures timely delivery.

The single-phase pole-mounted distribution transformer is usually seen in countryside, remote mountainous area and other places where electrical loads are scattered, and it is used to improve power supply quality, while the costs for infrastructures and power lines are also reduced.

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