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Constant Voltage LED Switch Mode Power Supply

The constant voltage LED switch mode power supply adopts PWM (pulse wide modulation) technology, and it comprises of professional integrated circuits. The main components are all imported, thus stable and reliable performance is delivered.

For this product, its output voltage fluctuates within a small range, and the highly stable output voltage improves the illuminating effect as well as cuts down the lumen depreciation, thus extending the lifespan. Depending on these features, this LED switch mode power supply fits for various kinds of LED strip lights, LED guardrail tubes, LED flood lights, lighting projects, etc.

Other Details
1. Installation type: Independent
2. Power supply connection: Terminal block
3. Load connection: Parallel connection
4. Protections: Short circuit protection and over temperature protection

Technical Parameters
Model Input Voltage Output Voltage Rated Load Ta Typical Efficiency Line Regulation Voltage Accuracy Dimensions
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
ESE60-12M/24M 220-240VAC 56/60Hz 12/24VDC 60W 50°C 85-88% ±1% ±1% 129.5 98 38
ESE75-12M/24M 220-240VAC 56/60Hz 12/24VDC 75W 50°C 86-90% ±1% ±1% 160 98 42
ESE100-12M/24M 220-240VAC 56/60Hz 12/24VDC 100W 50°C 87-92% ±1% ±1% 169 98 38
ESE150-12M/24M 220-240VAC 56/60Hz 12/24VDC 150W 50°C 88-92% ±1% ±1% 198.5 98 42
ESE240-12M/24M 220-240VAC 56/60Hz 12/24VDC 240W 50°C 87-92% ±1% ±1% 198.5 98 42
ESE350-12M/24M 220-240VAC 56/60Hz 12/24VDC 350W 50°C 88-92% ±1% ±1% 240 46 30

Magnetic Emission: EN55015
Harmonic Standard: EN61000-3-2
Flicker Standard: EN61000-3-3
Immunity: EN61547
Safety Standard: EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13, EN60598-1, EN60598-2-6

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