Toroidal Transformer

During our 20 or more years of dedication to this field, we have designed and manufactured a great number of toroidal transformers in different power ranges, and the following paragraphs will introduce our products in short.

1. Our product has an open architecture, and the lead wire could be connected to the specified terminal or connector as requested by customers.
2. This device could be installed in two ways. The first one is by bolt, metal washer and rubber pad, while the other one is by filling the mounting hole with potting compound.
3. Either a fuse or a temperature switch could be outfitted to offer protections against overvoltage and short circuit, and this is completely up to the customer.
4. Aside from standard models, other customized toroidal transformers are also available to best meet customers’ needs.

Owing to the features above, this device is commonly used in audio amplifiers, automatic doors, security systems, elevator controllers, medical instruments, drive systems, automation system, packaging machines and other industrial control equipment.

Power range Standard Approval Insulation class
20-5000VA UL506 UL B/130
50-1000VA UL5085-1 UL B/130
40-2000VA UL5085-2 UL B/130
40-1000VA UL60601-2 UL B/130
10-4840VA EN61558-1 CE B/130
10-4840VA EN61558-2-4 CE B/130
10-5000VA GB19212.1 CQC B/130
10-5000VA GB19212.5 CQC B/130
15-10000VA On request

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O-core Transformer | Toroidal Power Supply | Magnetic Core Transformer

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