EI Transformer

1. Our EI transformer is mainly comprised of bobbin and lamination core, and it is installed on relevant equipment with the help of bracket.
2. We strictly control the product quality, and the power range is 5VA-1000VA.
3. Based on customer’s needs, a fuse or a temperature switch is equipped to offer complete safety protections, while the product size and fittings could be customized.

The EI transformer is applicable for audio devices, household appliances, automatic doors, security systems, elevator controllers, medical instruments, drive systems, automation system, packaging machines and other industrial control equipment

Power range Standard Approval Insulation class
1-300VA GB19212.7/ GB19212.1 CQC B/130
10-600VA UL5085-1/ UL5085-2 CE H/180
75-1000VA EN61558-2-6 UL B/130

Note: The above data are standard values that are for reference only, and customized products are provided on request.

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