Dry Type Transformer for Solar Inverter

    1. 3 Phase Dry Type Transformer for Solar Commercial InverterAs a result of the advanced electromagnetic components and patented structure, this device is characterized by reliable performance, high efficiency and excellent practicability.
      This 3 phase dry type transformer has different insulation classes ...
    1. Integrated Transformer and Inductor for Solar Commercial InverterThe integrated transformer and inductor is a specialized product for solar commercial inverter, and it integrates an independent filtering inductor into a transformer. Owing to the scientific structure, this product possesses small size, low noise, high efficiency, stable running and other properties.

As indicated by its name, this dry type transformer is especially designed for solar inverter. It is an indispensable device to convert solar energy into electricity, and it covers two types, one is with amorphous metal core and the other is with CRGO core.

Based on the reasonable electromagnetic components and patented structure, this dry type transformer shows the advantages of high efficiency, stable performance, good practicability and more. In addition, the insulation class has several choices to choose from, which are class F, class H and class C.

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