MV Transformer for Grid-Connected PV System

    1. Double Wound Step Up Transformer for Solar Power StationThe double wound design has been proven to be the most reliable and economical one so far, and our product could be classified into two categories which are oil immersed type with amorphous metal core and dry type with CRGO core.
    1. Pad Mounted Transformer for Solar Power StationOur product adopts fully enclosed design, and its enclosure is connected to the ground. Meanwhile, there is no conductive component on the enclosure surface, effectively protecting people from electric shock and other potential dangers.

Our MV transformer for grid-connected PV system has been widely accepted in Europe and Asia, and more than 2000 sets of such product have been sold, well satisfying customers’ requirements.

Related Names
Solar Power Station Step Up Transformer | Pad Mounted Medium Voltage Transformer | Solar Power Generator Transformer