Application Fields

Lighting Industry

From the year of 1999, our electrical devices have been widely applied in lighting industry, and our major products are LED driver, LED switch mode power supply, electronic transformer, HID ballast, dimmer, waterproof transformer and halogen lamp transformer. These devices are certificated by CE, VDE, UL, SEMKO, GS, SAA, C-tick, CQC, TUV or other organizations.

We have over 50 technical experts and 9 design groups, and we have gained many honorary titles, such as Top 10 Competitive Lighting Accessory Suppliers of 2007 awarded by Guzhen Lighting Weekly, Most Satisfying Lighting Accessory Supplier gained on 2009’ the 3rd Big-Bit Electronic Transformer and Inductor Industry Selection Activity in Greater China Region, etc. In addition, automatic aging test line for LED driver, integrated test bench for HID ballast and other equipment are all applied, and training courses are held regularly every year.

Relevant Product
LED driver, LED streetlight driver, toroidal transformer for halogen lamp, waterproof transformer, electronic transformer, magnetic HID ballast, electronic HID ballast, etc.

Power Industry

Our product’s first appearance is power industry dates back to the year of 2001, and we could provide customers with single-phase pole-mounted distribution transformer, single-phase pad-mounted distribution transformer, three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformer and cast-resin dry-type three-phase distribution transformer.

We have over 40 technicians and 5 design groups, and the monthly production capacity for distribution transformer reaches up to 2500 sets. Meanwhile, resin casting machine, vacuum dip coating machine and other machines are introduced, while training courses are delivered to our employees every year. In addition, our oil-immersed transformers (110KV and lower) are named as Guangdong Famous Product.

Relevant Product
Power transformer

Renewable Energy Industry

Since 2007, our products have found a lot of applications in renewable energy industry, and the featured product includes dry type transformer for solar inverter, inductor for solar inverter, inductor for solar string inverter, toroidal transformer for solar inverter, MV transformer for grid-connected PV system, transformer for wind converter and inverter, inductor for wind converter and inverter, phase shifting transformer for MV/HV VFD, transformer for UPS, inductor for UPS, choke for UPS, inductor for low voltage motor drive, etc.

The production capacity for special transformer related product is 150,000kVA per month, and we have bought LCR tester, foil winding machine, etc. We have more than 60 technical staff, and training courses are scheduled every year to improve employees’ working skills.

Relevant Product
Dry type transformer for commercial solar inverter, inductor for commercial solar inverter, toroidal transformer for household solar inverter, amorphous core inductor for household solar inverter, Sendust core inductor for solar inverter, split winding transformer for grid-connected PV system, transformer and inductor for wind converter, transformer for wind turbine pitch control system, phase shifting transformer for MV/HV VFD, transformer for UPS used in wind power generation system, inductor for low voltage motor drive, power filtering cabinets and inductors.

Industrial Control

From 1992, our products have been used in industrial control, and we can manufacture electromagnetic products, switching power supplies, dry type transformers and low voltage reactors. These products have gained CE, UL, GS, CQC and other certificates, and the monthly production capacity for magnetic product is 400,000 pieces.

This section has about 40 technicians, and regular training is also delivered to the employees. In addition, there are some advanced machines to ensure product quality, such as automatic welding machine, X-ray fluorescence analyzer, etc.

Relevant Product
Toroidal Transformer and Inductor, EI Transformer and Inductor, Outdoor Transformer, Customized Transformer and Inductor, Switching Power Supply, Special Type Transformer