Technical Assurance and Service

Technical Assurance
1. All the designs conform to relevant safety requirements.
2. All the materials are in accordance with the letter of confirmation.
3. The production process will be carried out only after the design proposal is confirmed by customer.
4. The finished products are the same as sealed samples.
5. The finished products comply with predetermined specifications.
6. The incoming quality control, in process quality control and ex-factory inspection are all executed to guarantee the product quality.
7. If some materials should be compliant to RoHS or UL standards as requested by customer, they could be applied after confirmed by us and the customer.
8. The warranty period for products used in power industry is 1 year, while a 2 year warranty is provided for all the other products. If longer warranty period is preferred, we will negotiate with customers to determine applied material type and corresponding price.

1. Customized Solution

The customized solution helps customers obtain optimized cost performance ratio as well as ensure product quality.

The main flow is as follows: business communication – technical negotiation – proposal of design plan – plan confirmation - contract signing – sealed sample – production and delivery – follow-up service – product improvement.

2. Joint Development
If our clients have some requirements or ideas for the end product, we can work with our clients to figure out the most reasonable design plan to make the end product well accepted on the market.

The main flow is business communication – concept exchange – market research – double confirmation – contract signing – sealed sample – batch production and delivery – follow-up service – product improvement.

3. Delivery
We have cooperated with many famous logistics companies around the world. Thus, different delivery modes are available, and the ordered goods will be moved to the target place in an extremely short time.

4. Payment
With the help of China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation which is commonly referred to as SINOSURE, we could provide several easy-to-access payment solutions to facilitate customers.

5. Fast Response
For any quality complaint, we will give meticulous response within 24 hours during working hours, and then offer a reasonable solution ASAP according to the negotiation. In addition, customers could send their quality complaint to our headquarters as well as branch offices.

6. Regular Technical Communication
We will communicate with customers regularly about technical trend, new applicable material, new processing plan and other aspects via mutual visit, video conference, teleconference, email, etc.

7. Technical Training
Under the condition that technical training is needed, our technicians would pay an on-site visit to give relevant courses, or some working staff of our client could come to our factory to receive the training.

8. Follow-up Service
A non scheduled client review will be carried out every half year to get the latest information about our product’s service condition, and these data are recorded for further improvement.