Waterproof Transformer

Brief Introduction
The waterproof transformer has a protection class of IP64, thus it meets the requirements for outdoor applications. It contains different models, and the rated power varies from 105W to 500W. Furthermore, this device adopts changeable fuse, and the monthly production capability is over 400 thousand pieces.

1. UL Marking

The UL marking on the body means this device has passed UL certification.

2. Guaranteed Product Quality
a. The incoming quality control (IQC) is a very strict inspection process for many materials and components including lacquered wire, silicon steel, rubber core / bobbin, polyester film / Mylar tape, terminal block, fuse / temperature switch / current limiting tube, lead wire and other hardwires.
b. The in-process quality control (IPQC) is carried out in accordance with engineering drawings and inspection files to make sure that the product quality is correctly measured and evaluated during manufacturing process.
c. The sampling inspection is divided into appearance inspection, dimensional inspection and compatibility inspection.
d. The type test is intended to make sure that the product quality meets relevant standards continuously. The samples for this test are randomly selected from all the qualified products, and the test should conform to corresponding rules. In addition, the test item includes temperature rise, thermal cutoff current, short circuit condition, temperature rise in the case of overload, etc.

3. High Efficiency and Low Temperature Rise
This waterproof transformer is constructed by winding high quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet, and advanced annealing treatment is also applied. The core loss is usually 10% or so.

4. Good Waterproof Property
Epoxy resin is filled into the completely enclosed plastic shell in two steps to reinforce the waterproof performance, and IP64 rating indicates that our product is both dust-tight and resistant to splashing water. As a result, this device is suitable for outdoor gardens, swimming pools and other places.

The waterproof transformer is mainly used for street lights, waterproof outdoor lamps, commercial lighting systems, high power industrial lighting systems, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model Rated power Input Voltage Efficiency (%) Dimension Weight Certificate
A B H C E D d
HBW-105A(B) 105W 220-240V 24V (12V) 195 110 60 175 90 124 8 2.3 GS
HBW-150A(B) 150W 220-240V 24V (12V) 195 110 60 175 90 124 8 2.6 GS
HBW-180A(B) 180W 220-240V 24V (12V) 195 110 60 175 90 124 8 2.9 GS
HBW-200A(B) 200W 220-240V 24V (12V) 210 110 70 190 90 138 8 3.5 GS
HBW-250A(B) 250W 220-240V 24V (12V) 210 110 70 190 90 138 8 3.7 GS
HBW-300A(B) 300W 220-240V 24V (12V) 210 110 70 190 90 138 8 4.2 GS
HBW-350A(B) 350W 220-240V 24V (12V) 210 110 80 190 90 138 8 4.6 GS
HBW-400A(B) 400W 220-240V 24V (12V) 225 120 80 205 100 152 10 5.5 GS
HBW-450A(B) 450W 220-240V 24V (12V) 225 120 80 205 100 152 10 5.7 GS
HBW-500A(B) 500W 220-240V 24V (12V) 225 120 80 205 100 152 10 6.0 GS

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