Sendust Core Inductor for Solar String Inverter

Our Sendust core inductor is designed for solar string inverter, and it uses the Sendust core to smooth and filter waves. This product is famous for its low noise and low high-frequency loss.

Technical Parameters
Model Current (A) Inductance (mH) Dimensions (mm)
LH0010 5-10 0.5-7.0 Φ75×45
LH0015 10-15 0.5-7.0 Φ80×50
LH0020 15-20 0.5-5.0 Φ90×52
LH0025 20-25 0.5-5.0 Φ100×55
LH0030 25-30 0.3-5.0 Φ120×58
LH0035 30-35 0.3-5.0 Φ130×75
LH0040 35-40 0.3-5.0 Φ145×70
LH0045 40-45 0.3-4.0 Φ145×80

Note: These data are typical values and are for reference only. Customized products are provided upon request.

Related Names
Ferrite Core Inductor | Ring-shaped Magnetic Core Inductor | Solar Micro Inverter Inductor

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