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Single-phase Pad-mounted Distribution Transformer

1. This single-phase pad-mounted distribution transformer is an American box-type product, and it only takes up about 1/3 of the space that a pad-mounted substation (European pad-mounted transformer) occupies.

2. Our product adopts fully sealed and insulated frame to deliver desired performance in a safe and reliable way, and it has compact structure as well as beautiful appearance. It doesn't ask for a power distribution room, and it can be set indoors or outdoors directly, such as beside the street or inside the green belt. This is not only a power supply device, but also a decorative facility for the environment.

3. The pad-mounted distribution transformer could directly power electrical loads, and it could also work as part of the ring network power supply system. The convenient switching operation realizes reliable and flexible power supply.

4. The dual fuse full range protection cuts down the operating cost to a large extent, while the cable head, with good overload capability, allows live-line working. In addition, the box undergoes special treatment to obtain qualified corrosion resistance.

5. The cable head for 10KV bushing could be plugged or unplugged for many times at load current of 200A. It serves as load switch under emergent conditions, and it has some features of disconnect switch. Moreover, the oil has a high ignition temperature, thus avoiding the possibility of catching fire.

6. The S9 and S11 products possess low loss, low noise and long life span.

This pad-mounted distribution transformer, unlike conventional ones, integrates different components inside the box, and it shows the advantages of small size, light weight, low noise, low loss, high reliability and more.

Owing to the properties above, our product has found applications in different places, such as schools, hospitals, enterprises, airports, railway stations, residential areas, business centers, mining factories, etc.

Technical Parameters
Type Rated power
HV rating (V) Tapping range (%) LV rating (V) Loss (W)
No-load loss Full-load loss
5kVA 5 13200/7620
or others
29 95
10kVA 10 46 121
15kVA 15 58 215
25kVA 25 82 295
37.5kVA 37.5 110 400
50kVA 50 140 490
75kVA 75 275 670
100kVA 100 300 881
167kVA 167 350 1400
250kVA 250 650 2530

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