Three-phase Oil-immersed Distribution Transformer

    1. Three-phase Hermetically Sealed Oil-immersed Distribution TransformerThe S13 series is based on the three dimensional triangular wound core, and remarkable energy saving performance is obtained. When compared with S11, the S13 series further improves its behavior. For example, the no-load loss is reduced by 25%, the no-load current is cut down

Our company has rich experience in manufacturing three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformer, and we have gained ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificates. Moreover, a complete series of type test reports is issued by a third-party laboratory to prove that our products are all qualified. With a monthly production capability of 500 sets, timely delivery is guaranteed.

Classification and Features
During normal working, there is no need to change oil, thereby significantly cutting down the maintenance cost as well as prolonging the service life. This oil-immersed distribution transformer could be divided into three series including S9, S11 and S13.

The S9 and S11 series contain two types, one is hermetically sealed type, and the other type is with conservator.

On the other hand, the S13 series is hermetically sealed, and it makes use of three dimensional triangular wound core. It possesses many outstanding features, such as low loss, low noise, long life, no maintenance, beautiful appearance, excellent performance, good energy saving property, etc.

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