Electrical Devices in Power Industry

    1. Single-phase Pad-mounted Distribution TransformerOur product adopts fully sealed and insulated frame to deliver desired performance in a safe and reliable way, and it has compact structure as well as beautiful appearance. It doesn't ask for a power distribution room, and it can be set indoors or outdoors directly, such as beside the street or inside the green belt.
    1. Three-phase Cast-resin Dry-type Distribution TransformerOur product has many outstanding properties, such as small size, light weight, low loss, low noise level, high mechanical strength, good heat dissipation performance, low partial discharge (less than 10pC), etc. Moreover, the temperature control system offers reliable

Our electrical device has been used in power industry since 2001, and our products mainly include single-phase pole-mounted distribution transformer, single-phase pad-mounted distribution transformer, three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformer and cast-resin dry-type three-phase distribution transformer.

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