LED Driver

    1. Constant Current LED DriverWith control chip, this product exhibits good stability, high efficiency, high power factor as well as long service life, and it realizes protection functions against overload, overvoltage, over temperature, short circuit and others
    1. Constant Voltage LED DriverDifferent protection functions are achieved for safety considerations, such as overload protection, overvoltage protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, etc.
    1. Dimmable LED DriverIt makes use of a dimming circuit to adjust its output power in a smooth way without flicker, and the output power could be adjusted at different levels.
    1. Waterproof LED DriverThe waterproof LED driver is IP65 rated, and it is able to work under humid and other harsh environment. So, it is applicable for LED lamps that are installed at places with high relative humidity, such ship light, street light, etc.
    1. Ultra Slim LED DriverThis product especially suits for LED track lights, LED cabinet lights and other LED lamps with narrow internal space.
      This ultra slim LED driver contains two types, constant current type and constant voltage type.
    1. Plug-in LED DriverThe plug-in LED driver integrated plugs in different country version can be plugged into socket directly. Advantage: Small figure, nice outlook, convenient and practical for use without occupying internal space of lighting fixture. Application: Used for Led table lamp, floor lamp as a necessary part.

The LED driver mainly contains seven categories, which are constant current type, constant voltage type, dimmable type, waterproof type, ultra slim type, plug-in type, and new dimmable type. Our products are applicable for LEDs with power rating of 1W-150W, and they have got various certificates including Semko, SAA, CE, ETL, etc. In addition, over 2.3 million pieces of LED drivers could be manufactured in our factory every month.

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