Power Magnetic Products in Renewable Energy Industry

    1. Phase Shifting Transformer for MV/HV VFDThis product adopts forced air cooling method, and compact structure is obtained. The entire structure shows good processability, and the overload ability is also remarkable. In addition, the air channel allows smooth air flow without blocking problems.
    1. Choke for UPSThe choke for UPS could be manufactured with different specifications as requested by customers, and it is used to filter and smooth waves. This product adopts amorphous metal core or Sendust core.
    1. Inductor for Low Voltage Inverter DriveAs the name implies, this inductor is commonly used for low voltage inverter drive. With CRGO core or Sendust core, this device could smooth and filter waves. In addition, the technical data are determined by customers to best fit their applications.

Our power magnetic products's first appearance in renewable energy industry dates back to the year of 2007, and various kinds of such products are available now, including dry type transformer for solar inverter, inductor for solar inverter, inductor for solar string inverter, toroidal transformer for solar inverter, MV transformer for grid-connected PV system, transformer for wind converter and inverter, inductor for wind converter and inverter, phase shifting transformer for MV/HV VFD, transformer for UPS, inductor for UPS, choke for UPS, inductor for low voltage motor drive, etc.

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